Stunning 'Scandal' Monologue Captures The Emotional Burden Black Women Carry

Someone get Khandi Alexander an Emmy.

During the “Scandal” season finale, Mama Pope spoke to a truth that many black women deeply understand.

While being detained for conspiring to kill the president-elect, Olivia’s mom, Maya (played by Khandi Alexander), addresses her ex-husband, Eli, whom she accurately suspects is behind her arrest.

Maya pleads her case to Eli, who’s behind a one-way window, insisting that she’s in Washington, D.C. to help protect their daughter.

She comes to the realization that Eli thinks he doesn’t need her help. Every second of her monologue is a seething reminder of how tragically under-appreciated, devalued and disrespected black women are by everyone, including black men:

“Damn shame. I tell you... being a black woman. Be strong, they say. Support your man, raise your man, think like a man. Well damn, I gotta do all that? Who’s out here working for me, carrying my burden, building me up when I get down? Nobody. Black women out here trying to save everybody and what do we get? Swagger jacked by white girls wearing cornrows and bamboo earrings. Ain’t that a bitch? But we still try. Try to help all y’all. Even when we get nothing. Is that admirable or ridiculous? I don’t know.”

The scene was shared on “Scandal’s” Facebook page on Thursday, and it’s been viewed more than 2.4 million times. Many people commented about how much Maya’s monologue resonates with them.

“I had all of the feels and the chills during this monologue,” Carla Bronner wrote. “This is a description of African-American women’s lives that only A-A women can write (thank you, Shonda) and speak fierce authenticity (thank you Khandi Alexander).”

Facebook user, Kay Lowe, echoed that sentiment. “If this does not speak to the souls of black women...past and present...feels sudden urge to *stomp feet? Amen? Shout? many feelings*...that is an EMMY award by itself. That moment in TV right there....#TRUTH,” she said.

Folks on Twitter weighed in, too.

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