'Scandal' Mid-Season 3 Catch Up: Where Do We Go From Here?

SCANDAL - 'YOLO' - As the team gets closer to the truth, loyalties are tested and relationships are pushed to the limit. Mean
SCANDAL - 'YOLO' - As the team gets closer to the truth, loyalties are tested and relationships are pushed to the limit. Meanwhile, Cyrus has to deal with his own crisis and he realizes that he may have gone too far, on ABC's 'Scandal,' THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (Photo by Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images) KERRY WASHINGTON

It feels like "Scandal" has been on hiatus forever. The Season 3 winter finale, "A Door Marked Exit," aired Dec. 12 and left so many questions unanswered. "Scandal" returns on Thursday (Feb. 27) for the second half of Season 3, and will hopefully bring answers, passionate monologues and, if we know Shonda Rhimes, more questions.

Before then, take the time to get reacquainted with Olivia Pope and her associates. Spoilers lie ahead and they may not be pretty. But, here are all the questions still left unanswered, as we head into the final half of "Scandal" Season 3.

Will Sally get away with literal murder?
Sally Langston killed Daniel Douglas. The bible-thumping Vice President was about to make a run for president with her closeted husband by her side. But after finding out he slept with James, Sally lost it. In a fit of rage she stabbed him and called Cyrus, who helped her cover up the crime. With the help Quinn, Charlie and a doctor who doesn't look too closely -- he just assumed his heart stopped earlier -- it seems like Sally might get away with murder. But as "Scandal" viewers know, nothing is as it seems in Shondaland.

What will David Rosen do with Sally's recorded near-confession?
When Sally called Cyrus to confess/ tell him the devil got inside her, she didn't know that tech hot-shot Shelby Moss had coded the NSA software to hack into cell phones. Apparently the hack extends to the VP and President's chief of staff. Sure, we'll go along with that. In the preview below of Thursday's episode, David lets James -- now the White House Press Secretary -- listen to the conversation, but what will they do with it?

Where exactly is Mama Pope?
Olivia sent her mother on a plane to Hong Kong to keep her safe from Papa Pope, which is all well and good until -- MAJOR TWIST -- Mama Pope hijacks the plane and takes it to Mongolia. From there, she's in the wind. Olivia and the audience learn she's actually a hired gun who's been using an alias since age 16. The last time we saw her she was dumping a prepaid burner cell (we assume) in a trash can outside the White House. Who knows when we'll see her next, or what she'll do in the meantime.

Whose side is Quinn really on?
Quinn, Quinn, Quinn. What are we going to do with her? Quinn ripped out the tracking device Huck popped in her tooth (remember "YOLO"?), which makes it seem like she's playing for Charlie. "You're not a gladiator anymore," Huck told her. But when she hugged Charlie, something was off. Could she be plotting to kill him? Or someone in B613 to show her loyalty to Huck, Olivia and the gladiators? How can she bounce back from this?

Will Jake lose all of his humanity as leader of B613? Is he really in command?
The end of "A Door Marked Exit" saw Jake take command of B613. We're led to believe that Fitz put him in position after being told certain information was "above his pay grade, Mr. President." But, it's hard to believe he's really in charge.

What will happen to the first family with Fitz and Mellie's other kids in the mix?
TVLine reported that Shonda Rhimes cast guest-starring roles for Mellie and Fitz's older kids, Jerry and Karen, and they will appear in Episode 15. Since we learned Mellie was raped by Fitz's father, viewers were left with the question: Is Fitz's son really his brother? Due to the fast-paced nature of "Scandal," we can hope for answers.

It's time for Harrison's backstory! What's in store for Adnan Salif's return?
Harrison's mysterious backstory has been described as a "gun on the wall," and Rhimes promised we'd learn more about it as the season progressed. In "YOLO" we learned that Cyrus Beene put wheels in motion to have Adnan Salif, who has something to do with Harrison, back in the U.S. and it's prompted Harrison to want a gun (see clip below).

What else do you want to know before "Scandal" returns?

"Scandal" Season 3 returns on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.