'Scandal': Olivia Ends Up In The Hospital, And In A Love Triangle (VIDEO)

On Thursday night's "Scandal," Olivia wound up in the hospital, and in a love triangle between Jake and Fitz.

She was spending the night with Jake when she went to turn on the TV, and found his secret: that he’d been watching her. But Jake told her he couldn't let her leave. After a brief struggle, Olivia fell and hit her head on a table.

Holding her on the floor, Jake told Olivia he was spying on her to "protect you ... from him," the mysterious man lurking in her apartment. "To protect you ... from him."

But then Jake noticed she was bleeding. And in the hospital, Fitz showed up.

HitFix is starting to get confused by the whole Olivia/Fitz relationship. “Fitz has now had a few weeks to hate Olivia, then have some hate sex with Olivia and say rude things to Olivia, and now he seems to be swinging back toward loving Olivia. Maybe he senses she had sex with another guy, I don't know.”

But EW called this one of the most suspenseful episodes of the season, and is glad Olivia finally knows what’s going on. But ... does she? “Jake tells her that he's protecting her. And at that moment we see on the security footage there is a masked man wandering through Olivia's apartment with a gun. Maybe Jake is a good guy!”

Maybe, and either way it’s now quite the love triangle between Olivia, Jake and Fitz.

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