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'Scandal': Everything Olivia Thought She Knew About Her Parents Was Wrong (VIDEO)

Just when you think "Scandal" is going to zig, it zags. There is no such thing as solid ground in the world Olivia Pope lives in, and this week's episode proved no different. Just as she'd finished helping her mom get out of the country and away from her dad -- who'd been painted as quite the villain -- she got some shocking news about the woman she was helping.

“What was her name? The name my father invented. The name of the woman who did all those things. The name of the wanted terrorist?” Olivia asked Huck.

“Uh, Marie. Marie Wallace," Huck replied. "What is it Liv?”

Olivia's heart sank as she realized. “My father was trying to protect me this whole time. He didn’t want me to know what she did. Who she is ... He’s not the monster. She is.”

This created quite a problem. At that moment, Quinn was at Papa Pope's office -- ready to kill him. "Scandal" certainly knows how to leave viewers clinging precariously to the edges of their seats. That said, ChicagoNow's Julie Hammerle thought the twist felt familiar, writing, "This show has completely given up trying to hide the fact that it is blatantly copying 'Alias.'

Regardless, Wetpaint's Julia Wayne was left with questions leading into next week's mid-season finale. "What exactly did Marie/Maya do, and why does it make Rowan/Eli's murdery B613 past a non-issue?" she wondered. "We don't know, but we have no choice but to find out soon.”

The "Scandal" mid-season finale airs next Thursday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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