'Scandal' Season 3 Premiere: Darby Stanchfield And Katie Lowes Say New Season Is 'Off The Rails' (VIDEO)

"Scandal" Season 3 premieres tonight (Thurs., Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC), and stars Darby Stanchfield (Abby Whelan) and Katie Lowes (Quinn Perkins) stopped by HuffPost Live to preview the "off the rails" new season.

Season 2 saw plenty of twists and misdirects as the crew at Olivia Pope And Associates tried to uncover the identity of the mole, but this season kicks off with our characters facing an even bigger leak -- Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) identity as President Grant's (Tony Goldwyn) mistress.

Above, Stanchfield drops a few hints about who we can trust this season, Abby's backstory, her tumultuous relationship with David Rosen (Joshua Malina) and the introduction of Lisa Kudrow's character, someone that Stanchfield reveals is "kind of a mentor for Abby" in Season 3. "She has this great arc on the show, this great character, and I got to work with her a bunch," Stanchfield enthused.

And below, Lowes promises that this year will be "just as scandalous and crazy and as off the rails as everyone has fallen in love with for the first two seasons," before weighing in on whether the show will ever tackle a government shutdown the likes of which we're currently seeing.

"What I think is awesome about Season 3 is that there's still so many things about the main characters' story lines and backstories that you still don't know ..." she teased. "There's still so many stories to be told that are going to blow your mind."