'Scandal' Spoilers: Bellamy Young Talks Stripping Down In Upcoming Episode (VIDEO)

Bellamy Young, who plays First Lady Mellie Grant on the ABC political drama, stopped by HuffPost Live this week and chatted about what viewers will -- and won't -- see on "Scandal."

"I know, personally, you'll see a lot more of me than you've ever seen before," Young said, gesturing that she'd be appearing sans clothes. "I've never done that before!"

When asked how she approached the scene, Young said with a laugh, "With trepidation and faith ... Honestly, I'm surrounded by the best people in the world. I think if I were going to do that in any other situation, it really, really could've been a nail-biter."

But what was she most nervous about? Telling her mother.

In January, Darby Stanchfield (who plays Abby Whelan on "Scandal") teased some nudity to E! Online. "For the 'Scandal' fanatics, it's kind of a little quiz: One of us has been naked in a past episode, one of us is going to be naked really soon and one of us a little bit down the road!"

Check out the full episode description from this week's "Scandal," titled "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot."

After discovering the truth behind Defiance, Fitz is still struggling to figure out whom he can actually trust. Meanwhile Olivia is trying to move on with her life, and she meets a handsome stranger, Jake Weston (Scott Foley), who sparks her interest. But when Fitz and Olivia are forced to be in the same room again, real sparks fly and things get heated. Back at Pope & Associates, the team handles a new case, and for the first time they're working with David Rosen instead of against him.

"Scandal" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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