9 Times The Women Of 'Scandal' Proved They Know What's Up

Shonda Rhimes knows how to bring some pretty badass ladies to life on the small screen -- and the women of "Scandal" are no exception. With the return of the soapy political-fixer drama on Feb. 27, it's worth remembering just why so many of us are hopelessly caught up in the web of Olivia Pope & Associates, despite the fact that almost every character on the show just might be a sort of terrible person. (Two words: red wine.)

Here are nine ways the ladies of "Scandal" get it right:

1. They know when to put their foot down with a romantic partner.
2. They realize that sometimes there's no greater pleasure than contemplating your day with a glass of red wine.
...Or a beer and a "cheers."
3. They don't let powerful men push them around.
4. They know when to put aside their differences with other women and work together.
5. They aren't satisfied just sitting on the sidelines. These women take action.
6. And when it comes to their work, they exude some serious confidence. (No impostor syndrome, here!)
7. They realize that sometimes it's necessary to push back a little to get what you want.
8. They set boundaries in their relationships, romantic and otherwise, when necessary.
9. And they know how to weather a heartbreak with grace.
So, cheers to you, Shonda Rhimes.
Because, really, who can resist women who make entrances like this?