Scandinavian Design Is The Secret To Making Your Home Feel Bigger

Turn your small space into a sanctuary.

If you've scrolled through Pinterest lately, you've probably noticed an overwhelming number of minimally-decorated, impeccably-organized spaces taking over your feed. This trend is none other than Scandinavian home design, an interior style famous for its simplicity, functionality and neutral color scheme.

The look is undoubtedly stunning, but we love it most for its ability to make a space feel bigger. (Calling all teeny-tiny apartment dwellers!) The idea is to pare down to the essentials so your abode is nice and clutter-free.

Luckily, you don't have to start from scratch to bring the Scandinavian style to your home. Getting the look is a matter of making small tweaks to affect big change in the way your space feels.

Whether you're looking to redecorate, get organized or simply feel inspired to tidy up, scroll through the list below to learn simple ways to master this space-saving design trick.

Leave Space Between Objects
Properly spaced objects will make your home look and feel less disordered. When organizing your closet or styling your coffee table, try to avoid piles and stacks that crowd the space and overwhelm the eye.
Use Neutral Colors
Where bold colors make a space feel more intimate, neutral, muted colors make a space feel more open. To increase the size of your own home, experiment with white or off-white paint colors that accentuate your decor rather than overpower it. Not looking to totally repaint? Hang a black and white photograph or add a few neutral throw pillows to your couch.
Opt For Clean Surfaces
Minimize clutter by keeping chaos covered. Whether in your kitchen, living room or home office, challenge yourself to keep shelves and tabletops clean. Only display what you want people to admire. The rest deserves to be neatly tucked away in a drawer or cabinet.
Trade Busy Prints For Stripes Or Geometric Designs
To freshen up your living room or bedroom, swap ornate patterns, like florals or animal print, for clean, uncomplicated designs like stripes or diamond prints. Simpler patterns will elongate other lines present in the room, making the entire space look wider than it really is.
Treat Natural Light Like An Accessory
Making a room brighter is the key to creating the illusion of volume. Allow more natural light to shine in through the windows and your home will instantly feel more spacious. So, pull back the curtains and let the sun shine in.

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