Scanner Uses Object Recognition Software To Identify Produce (VIDEO)

At the supermarket, fruits and vegetables don't typically have barcodes attached to them since they are usually sold by weight, rather than by bag. Plus, produce is often sold fresh -- there's no plastic wrap to put a barcode on and putting a sticker directly on the produce would damage the product. As a result, cashiers have to manually enter produce codes, which can slow down the check-out line. This is especially a problem for cashiers that might not know the codes -- it's hard to tell the difference between a Fuji and Jonagold apple!

A new Toshiba scanner, the Object Recognition Scanner, solves this issue by recognizing items based on color and pattern. It works similarly to facial recognition technology, but for food instead of humans.

The company is working to create a database of typical supermarket items in order to put the scanner to use.

May your Key limes never get mistaken for Persian limes ever again!

Watch how it works below.