Michael Sokolski Dead: Scantron Inventor Dies At 85

Pencils down for students everywhere: Michael Sokolski, the inventor of the Scantron, died of congestive heart failure on June 13, Yahoo News reports. He was 85.

Sokolski's obituary was published in the Orange County Register.

According to the paper, Sokolski didn't just revolutionize standardized testing, he also fought with Polish forces under the British Eighth Army Command between 1945 and 1947, earning the honor of the Italy Star and War Medal for his service.

Following his time in the military, Sokolski moved to the United States, became an citizen, and founded Scantron in Orange County, Calif., in 1972. In his free time, the inventor enjoyed fishing, sailing and flying planes.

A blogger from Web Pro News notes that while Sokolski never became a household name, students around the country still expressed their sadness at his passing.

According to his obituary, Sokolski is survived by his wife Joanne, his children, and many grandchildren.