Scar Story: One breast cancer survivor's documentary needs your support

We all live with scars of some kind. While some are physical and some are emotional, almost all are irreparable. Time and time again, we choose to bury our scars. We hide our hurt from ourselves and from our loved ones out of fear--Fear that we will be judged, rejected or worse unloved. Instead of giving them air to breath and heal, we live in constant state of shame allowing our wounds to grow deeper. But what would happen if we embraced our scars? What if we wore our truths with pride?

Scar Story is a new documentary questioning just that. Director Emily MacKenzie and Producer Sasha Solodukhina are teaming up to bring the story of breast cancer survivor Paulette Leaphart to life. The documentary will track Paulette's 1,000 mile journey from Biloxi, Mississippi to Washington D.C. in attempt to change the face of breast cancer. But this isn't your ordinary cross country road trip--In fact, Paulette will actually be walking topless.

Back in 2014, Paulette suffered an aggressive form of breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy and was told there was no option for reconstructive surgery. Paulette began to question her identity as both a woman and a survivor. She wondered, "What is a woman without breasts?" For Paulette, surviving cancer was not enough. She decided to share her story as a way to help others. Subsequently Paulette's teenage daughter posted a photo of Paulette's scars on Facebook and the image went viral.

Instantly, Paulette's inbox was flooded with messages of support and gratitude from cancer survivors and their family members. Later, the filmmakers serendipitously met Paulette while she was walking around New Orleans; MacKenzie and Solodukhina immediately knew they had to tell Paulette's story. Most recently, Paulette's experience even inspired Beyoncé, as Paulette makes a cameo in Bey's latest project, Lemonade. By revealing herself, Paulette hopes to inspire other women to get the same procedure and break the shameful silence.

In just a few weeks, Paulette plans to embark on her brave and courageous mission. Yet Scar Story may not happen as the project is currently $8,000 short of its goal on Kickstarter. With only 8 days left to back the project and accomplish its target, it's up to us to help tell Paulette's story. You can help fund this incredible project here.

By showing her scars, Paulette inspires us all to share our own scar stories, no matter the trauma.