Scarborough Claims He Didn't Criticize DHS Report, But He Did (VIDEO)

It looks as if I may have missed out on making an important point about Joe Scarborough's comments from today's Morning Joe on the DHS report, warning about the dangers of right-wing extremism. This morning, Scarborough said:

SCARBOROUGH: Of course, the point that Krugman misses is the fact that what upset most of us -- that we're talking about that report around this table -- was the fact not that they were targeting right-wingers, it's that they were targeting veterans, saying, watch out, these people are going to come home and -- but it is -- I mean, it is sort of sad and pathetic that this is being exploited.

But, regardless of the concern expressed over veterans, what Scarborough is suggesting here simply isn't true. If you cast your mind back to April 15, 2009, Scarborough was plenty upset that this DHS report targeted "right-wingers." He went so far as to imagine the Obama administration riding on Salt Lake City, rounding up extremists (like the Hipster Grifter, maybe?). And, of course, the whole group continues to wonder aloud about what would happen if the DHS had released a similar report on left-wing groups. It seems to have escaped their attention that they had actually done that, in January.

Naturally, I'll have to confirm with a roomful of comedy writers before definitely stating that this is not actually all some big sarcastic joke about cappuccino.


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