10 Big Scarves That Could Double As Blankets (PHOTOS)

Bigger is better.

The best thing about fall is layering (ask any California native who has moved east). With the extra layers of clothing you have an opportunity to try new trends and experiment with new styles.

Although jackets, gloves and hats give our style a refreshing boost, we're really looking forward to pulling out our scarves as the temperature starts to drop. They are cozy, warm and can completely transform any look (and best of all, one size fits all). Scarves can also double as sweaters, shawls, towels and blankets -- that is, if you can find 'em big enough. When buying a scarf, it really is an investment, especially if it can function in mulitple ways (which we believe all scarves should -- ok, we may have taken a tip from Laila Gohar on this one).

We've rounded up some of the best supersized scarves of the season that you can wrap and drape to your heart's content. This is definitely a case when bigger is better.

Big Scarves

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