Scarlett Johansson Covers Dazed Spring Issue, Talks Her 'Womanly' Body (PHOTOS)

Don't call it a comeback!

British fashion and culture magazine Dazed & Confused is repositioning itself as a force to be reckoned with in the digital space, including renaming itself simply Dazed. And they've tapped Scarlett Johansson as the star of their Spring 2014 issue.

Johansson shows off her rebellious and girl-next-door sides on two separate Dazed covers shot by Benjamin Alexander-Huseby, proving what a talented actress she is. In the former shot, she sports slicked-back hair, red lipstick and a black Saint Laurent moto jacket. And in the other photo, Johansson keeps her makeup minimal and lets her loose, blonde locks hang over a Saint Laurent printed shirt and vest. We love the casual touch her "SJ" initial necklaces add to both covers.

While we can go on and on about Johansson's outer beauty, the 29-year-old has come to terms with how her "womanly" curves have been objectified. She explained to Dazed:

"How could I wake up every day and be a normal person if I was completely aware that my image was being manipulated on a global platform. How could I sleep? You have to have peace of mind. You’ve got to be able to protect those things. How else could you exist? You’d go crazy, anybody would go crazy …"

Check out Scarlett Johansson's Dazed covers below and look out for the issue once it hits newsstands on Feb. 27.


scarlett johansson dazed and confused

scarlett johansson dazed and confused

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