Scarlett Johansson Directing 'Summer Crossing': Truman Capote Novella Is Directorial Debut

"But what I'd really like to do is direct..."

The line between filmmaker and movie star grows more and more blurred each day, as stars of the screen look to go behind the lens with ever-increasing frequency. In search of an outlet, creative control or just plain vanity, each year features new actors making directorial debuts or returning to the big chair on set. This year, Mark Ruffalo and Ralph Fiennes made their first foray into directing, for example; in 2012, count Scarlett Johansson amongst those making their auteur bow.

According to Variety, Johansson will direct an adaptation of the lost Truman Capote novella, "Summer Crossing," about a young woman who heads to post-World War II New York City to seize her independence and discover a new life. It was Capote's first novel; begun in the early 1940s, he never published it and even claimed that it had been destroyed, but it was discovered after his death and published in 2005.

Right now, it looks as if she'll just direct, not star in the film, though she could still cast herself in the lead role.

Johansson has a busy 2012; after starring in this winter's "We Bought A Zoo" with Matt Damon, she'll hit the road hard to promote the Marvel epic "The Avengers," as well as her own thriller, "Under The Skin." She'll also shoot "Iron Man 3."

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