Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos May Be Fake, Are The Latest To Reportedly Leak (VIDEO)

Have Scarlett Johansson's allegedly stolen nude photos finally hit the web?

Back in March, TMZ reported that a group of hackers stole the nude photos of up to 50 A-list actresses, hacking into their email accounts to take the sensitive shots. Vanessa Hudgens, who was one of the most prominent victims of naked piracy, spoke with the FBI about the situation, and word was that the investigators were hot on the trail of the hackers.

Amongst the starlets who allegedly had their pictures compromised was Scarlett Johansson, and early Wednesday, the photos leaked online to a number of sites, including Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Whether or not the pictures are real remains to be seen (they look less than authentic, to say the least), but TMZ now reports that sources close to the actress confirm that she is dealing with the FBI over the matter.

Johansson will star in the upcoming Marvel teamup film, "The Avengers," out next summer.

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