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Scarlett Johansson Wrist Tattoo: 'Avengers' Actress Shows New York City Love (PHOTO, POLL)

We first noticed Scarlett Johansson's wrist tattoo, which she cleverly tried to hide during the press tour of her latest flick "The Avengers," but thought nothing of it until recently when one great camera shot focused in on the tiny inscription.

What did ScarJo choose to ink on her wrist? "I [Heart] New York," of course.

From the distance, the black ink tat on her right wrist is fashioned to look like a bracelet with one hanging charm. But up close and personal, we see that ScarJo shows off her love for hometown city and current residence.

The stunning actress initially tried to disguise her new ink by wearing an actual bracelet on top of the tattoo, making it appear as if she were wearing two bracelets instead of one.

The wrist tattoo is not the first for Johansson. She also has an anklet with the letter A on her right ankle, and an etching of a colorful sunrise on her left arm. Her latest is our favorite, but maybe we're just partial to New York.

Check out the pics below and weigh in: do you dig ScarJo's new ink?

Check out ScarJo's style evolution in the gallery!


Scarlett Johansson's Style

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