Scars of Democracy or America's Beauty Mark?

Historically, I think we’re looking for a candidate that has the spiritual nature of Mother Theresa, the sex appeal of John F. Kennedy, leadership qualities of Ronald Reagan, and the ability to motivate and engage diverse populations like President Barack Obama. Does such a candidate even exist? I doubt it, at least not yet. I get it. No one is perfect, and hoping for a better candidate to suddenly appear through civic prestidigitation is an illusion. We the people look at our politicians for leadership and even to some for guidance to direct our lives. What are emails (Secretary of State) and some potty-mouthed locker room talk (Corporate/TV Personality) when it comes to leading a nation? Experience didn’t mean a damn thing in this race. We forget that these are regular people too; human beings flawed by nurture and nature.

Well the band-aid has finally been ripped away from the already festering sore of civility, exposing to the rest of the world, the raw and sensitive flesh of our American democracy. Ouch, a word that describes the pain (physical, spiritual, and psychological) many people are still experiencing from the recent elections. Another is, “What?!” or even “WTF?!” an expression of true disbelief and denial. Our election process, which formed this “perfect union”, isn’t so perfect after all (electoral vs. popular), which means there is room for improvement.

Every four years we elect a new President to represent these United States of America. Our collective hope is that this person will fix the ills of the nation by making us stronger together to make America great again. This election cycle, homophobia, racism, misogyny, and nationalism have now become part of the narrative that defines this new administration. I was under the impression that an election was designed to bring out the “brightest” and presumably the most “qualified” of candidates each party has to offer. Instead, the focus was less about the candidates’ and what their policies can do effect a positive change in this country and more about emails, the size of a candidate’s hands, and grabbing a woman’s vagina.

I did not vote for the now President-Elect Trump. My reasons have more to do with the progression of human kindness and a positive image for our children, rather than the politics. That and being a black gay man who knows that love has to trump hate. I really wanted to see diversity taken to the next level and have the glass ceiling shattered. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be this time. The idea that a woman could lead this country will remain as illusive a unicorn. For whatever the reasons, be those decisions based in gender, ignorance, or both, our country isn’t ready to take the next step forward. At least our nation, in my opinion, was fortunate enough to have experienced our first African American president in my lifetime. Let’s just hope that direction our president-elect takes us, won’t be down the global hole of despair.

The wound has been airing out now for more than a month. It’s still oozing and likely will scab before things really start to heal. It will itch as a reminder that there’s been trauma to your system and you fight that urge to scratch. Picking at it won’t help but a little rubbing (protesting) may provide some temporary relief. At this point, we have to let nature take its course and do what we can to prevent our politics for making a more embarrassing scar the world will be pointing at. Either way, come January 20, 2017, our country will have to get use to a whole new look we won’t be able to cover up.

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