14 Comics About Millennials That Will Make You Say 'Yeah, That's Me'

"Okay, so I wanna give you guys an update: I took my first bite and it was amazing."

There’s more to life as a millennial than Snapchatting dinner and taking selfies against Instagram walls.

But let’s be honest: that’s for sure some of it. On his Instagram page Brooklyn Cartoons, 33-year-old cartoonist Emmet Truxes documents the millennial-iest of millennial experiences, from gluten emergencies:

To dating an influencer:

Truxes launched the comic in 2006 when he moved to Brooklyn and hasn’t run out of topical, relatable content since.

“Offline, I’m fortunate to have hilarious friends, and there are definitely times when we’re out that I’ll overhear or observe something and immediately make note of it,” he told HuffPost.

Now, Truxes is bicoastal, splitting his time between running an L.A. design studio with his wife and making frequent visits back to his favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Truxes said he hopes to provides some comic relief to his more than 147,000 followers.

“The comics are meant to be a gentle ribbing of our culture,” he said. “I hope they make people laugh, but also help remind them keep their heads up, and that there is so much more good in this world than bad.”

Keep your head up ― but not before snapping that #latteart for Instagram.

Scroll down for more comics and check out Truexs’s soon-to-be-released book You Look Better Online: Your Life In 150 Unfiltered Cartoons.

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