Scary Clown Robs Pennsylvania Subway

There's nothing funny about this clown.

Police in Pennsylvania are searching for a suspect who they say robbed a Subway restaurant on Saturday evening while wearing a terrifying circus mask, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

The employee who was working at the Hempfield Township Subway said the suspect had a gun and demanded all the money in the cash register.

“He had the scariest clown mask I’ve even seen,” the worker said, according to WPXI. “I haven’t slept. I haven’t eaten. It just keeps replaying in my mind. I keep hearing his voice over and over.”

During the incident, a 17-year-old girl entered the store to purchase a drink, only to find the gun-wielding clown.

"She walked into Subway to get a pop, and she walked right into a robbery. They took her $2 and put a gun to her head," her father told WTAE. "She's upset over it, but she has a lot of support from her friends because she's a good girl."

Authorities describe the suspect as about 5 feet 10 inches tall. He was wearing a parka with a fur collar, tan pants and black gloves. Police also say may have fled in a white mini-van.

Nobody was injured in the incident.




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