Gross Ingredients Lurking In Your Halloween Candy

Creepy Ingredients Lurking In Your Halloween Candy
spooky orange halloween candy...
spooky orange halloween candy...

You might expect to find beetles and animal bones in a haunted house this Halloween. You probably don't expect to find them in your Halloween candy.

But with a little detective work on the labels of some of your favorite treats, you might find those two "ingredients" and more less-than-pleasant additives and preservatives.

In the wake of this year's pink slime outrage, consumers began to push back, demanding more transparency as to what is in their food and why.

Not that it's stopping anyone from buying Halloween candy. In fact, the National Confectioner's Association estimates that Americans will spend $2.4 billion on Halloween candy this year, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Many of the classics are loaded with sugar, not to mention coloring and other food additives. A number of them have more than 15 ingredients. But even seemingly-harmless candies with comparatively short ingredients lists or sugar content can contain some gross-sounding ingredients, like, yes, beetles and bones.

Of course, the FDA has deemed all of these ingredients safe to eat, in appropriate amounts. But that doesn't make it any less stomach-turning to think about where some of them actually come from.

Click through the slideshow below to see some of the creepiest candy ingredients. Then tell us in the comments which surprised you the most.


Scary Ingredients In Candy

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