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8 Scary Household Bugs We'd Never Want To See In Our Homes (PHOTOS)

Yeah, you might not want to read this while eating.

For today's WTF moment, we've found a photo that's not for the squeamish.

Redditor MThep posted a picture of what seems like a million Daddy Longlegs coming out of what appears to be a vent.

Pretty creepy, huh? We're not sure whether it's real or Photoshopped, but it definitely gave us the creeps. And it got us thinking about our own experieces with scary household bugs. It doesn't matter it they're big or small, fast or slow, or even "beneficial" -- we get totally freaked out if we see these eight crawlers anywhere near our homes.

Click through our slideshow to see our worst picks, and be sure to let us know about the scariest bugs you've found in your home. Don't forget to head over to Reddit to learn more.

Horrible House Bugs

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