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Scary Plane Landings: Video Of Dusseldorf Airport Landings By Martin Bogdan Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A video by Martin Bogdan of airplane landings at Dusseldorf airport has gone viral, thanks to heavy crosswinds.

Bogdan filmed landings at the airport during particularly high winds. The end result is an interesting look at the mad skills of the pilots who land there.

The planes, from Emirates to Thomas Cook, approach the runway at odd angles to compensate for the high winds, which were gusting up to 55 knots on the day, Bogdan says.

Landing (and takeoff) is statistically riskier than other parts of the flight, 'Miracle on the Hudson' pilot Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger' told us over the summer, due to cloud height, wind and visibility, among other things. Now we see why.

Check out some of the nerve-racking landings below.