Of Course Robots Will Never Become Our High-Tech Overlords... Or Will They?

11 Reasons To Fear Robots (NSFW)

All that talk about robots rising up to become our high-tech overlords is pretty far-fetched--or is it?

Sure, that Roomba keeping your floors clean isn't very menacing (except maybe to this dog), and you're not losing sleep worrying about the Looj that's sweeping out your gutters. But when you watch those videos of that Terminator-like PETMAN robot and that freaky robotic pack mule, you begin to wonder.

Alas, our new "11 Reasons To Fear Robots" mash-up video (see above) doesn't offer much reassurance. But it's fun to watch anyway.

Note: Parts of the video are NSFW.

Video produced by Oliver Noble. Animation by Eva Hill

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