Times Square As Portrayed In Video Games (VIDEO)

WATCH: Times Square As Represented In Video Games

For many New Yorkers, Times Square probably already feels sort of like a video game. You weave as quickly as possible through the crowd and dodge enemies ("free comedy show!"), all with the goal of escaping the technicolor dungeon. If you visit a hotdog cart, it's game over.

So it's no surprise that so many video game designers have made liberal use of the setting in their games. In the video below, the team at Achievement Hunter puts together Midtown scenes from various games and discusses how those five blocks could be represented in so many different ways, with such a range of different atmospheres.

From the Incredible Hulk throwing his enemies into the marquee at the Hard Rock Cafe to baseball players hitting home runs into the Renaissance Hotel at 2 Times Square, many of the games involve shooting some kind of projectile at the landmarks. In another, a giant monster leaps out of hiding in a building and reduces the surroundings to rubble. What does it say about gamers that destroying Times Square seems to be one of their most deep-seated desires?

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