Every 'Simpsons' Superfan Should Follow This Surreal Instagram Account

Do you recognize this hallucinatory scene?

When it comes to TV shows with hallucinatory visuals that verge on abstract art, “Twin Peaks” gets all the credit. But in the small suburb of Springfield, between the delicious donut breaks and mischievous youths, there are brief moments of confounding beauty, too. Yeah dude, we’re talking about “The Simpsons.” 

A “Simpsons” fan who prefers to remain anonymous has been compiling the most quietly captivating moments from the show under the Instagram handle @scenic_simpsons.

Some of the still scenes he or she posts zoom in on background objects, turning them into momentary paintings ― a television screen or the interior of a fridge. Others depict an unfixed wash of pastel colors, the abstract smattering of cartoon hues that feels both nostalgic and unknown. We imagine Salvador Dali and Philip Guston would be very down. 

The curator began the passion project after being mesmerized by a particular frame in the show, in which Homer’s face is reflected through a glass of water. “I just loved the way that the animators created this image and all the details within the scene,” the curator told It’s Nice That.

“The plant in the corner, the strip lighting, the blind and calendar on the wall in the background. It just went from there really. I began to appreciate the scenes and setups on a whole other level. Now the ones I like the most are those without characters.”

The account is updated every few days, focusing on the show’s “golden years” between Seasons 1 and 10. If you’re a Simpsons superfan or a sucker for some abstract cartoon trippiness, give it a follow.