Scented Underwear For Men: Le Slip Francais Set To Launch Brand Of Briefs That 'Smell Good'

Forget that cotton scent. Thanks to Le Slip Francais, men will soon have the option of wearing scented underwear that smells of musk and pears, France's The Local reports.

The French undergarment company has raised more than 19,000 euros (about $25,000) on a crowdfunding site to launch its "Indomitable" brand, which promises a fresh scent for up to 30 washes.

While wearers will still have to throw the underwear in the rinse cycle regularly -- unlike the Wool & Prince shirt that can remain odor-free for up to 100 days without washing -- the company promises that the microcapsules will spread the scent evenly throughout the underwear with each wash.

Le Slip Francais founder Guillaume Gibault assures critics that the musk and pears scent is rather masculine and not too strong, the Agence France-Presse reports.

Founded in 2011, Le Slip Francais prides itself on its "Made in France" brand and promises that the Indomitable line will also be produced in the country. According to La Depeche, the Dordogne-based company has since sold 20,000 pairs of underwear from of its non-scented lines, which include "Formidable," "Valiant," "Triumphant" and "Fearless."

The scented briefs are expected to sell for 35 euros (about $46) and sweet-smelling boxers will also be available for 40 euros (around $53), the crowdfunding site notes.

With the project well beyond its 10,000 euro goal, it seems the scented underwear will likely be made available for men around the world.



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