Schadenfreude: It's Not Just For the Right Anymore

The avalanche of schadenfreude breaking out among Democrats after eight long years of a Republican presidency need not be limited to the right. Here, for example, is Ralph Nader calling Barack Obama an "Uncle Tom." (ht: Andrew Sullivan) Can you taste that bitterness, Dems? Sweet sweet bitterness....

Nader already lost what little remaining credibility he had back in 2004 when his campaign was largely backed by cynical Republicans. At this point, with his impact on the election virtually nonexistent and a popular, progressive, president-elect co-opting what little resonance his message once had, he pretty much can only draw attention when he makes incendiary remarks like this. How the mighty spoilers have fallen. Enjoy ignoring him every election for the rest of your lives, Democrats!

: This seems as good a time as any to add my all-time favorite Nader takedown to the doggy pile, in which an incredibly pissed off Triumph The Insult Comedy Dog makes Ralph his bitch. Highlights include Trumph chanting "You campaigned in the sweeeeng staaates" while Nader tries in vain to exonerate himself for the 2000 debacle.