My Response to Kirk's Comparison of the Obama Administration to Nazi Appeasement

Senator Mark Kirk compared the Obama Administration's framework for a nuclear deal to Nazi Appeasement recently in an interview. Please see my response to Senator Kirk's extreme rhetoric below:

It is truly appalling for Senator Mark Kirk to equate the Obama Administration's diplomacy with Nazi appeasement. As a Jewish-American, I am offended. Senator Kirk owes the President, the people of Illinois, our entire nation and Jews across the globe an apology. To mention our commander in-chief and his team in the same breath with Adolph Hitler is beyond shameful for many reasons.

Does Mark Kirk think Efraim Halevy, a former director of Mossad, Israel's Intelligence Agency, is a Nazi Appeaser? Halevy agrees with President Obama that the framework for a deal with Iran is in fact 'historic.'

People may have different views of the negotiations, but if a former head of Mossad sees their potential value how can Mark Kirk possibly compare him to Nazi appeasement? In fact, expert after expert has said they believe the deal would be the best possible way to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

The framework for the deal would force Iran to curtail its nuclear programs, destroy valuable equipment at some of its facilities, drastically reduce in the number of centrifuges that will remain in operation and submit to a 24/7 intrusive inspection regime.

Senator Kirk's extreme rhetoric on Iran fits right in with Senators Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz and other right wing voices in Congress who care more about political grandstanding than stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. But these comments aren't that surprising coming from Mark Kirk - given his integral role in the unprecedented letter sent by 47 GOP Senators to the leaders of Iran. That letter was reckless and irresponsible and it even was rejected by the Republican Chairman on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. And now Kirk has taken his extreme rhetoric one step further by comparing this peaceful negotiation with Nazi appeasement.

(Excerpts from this statement are included in a column by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, which can be found here)