Scheduled: Hillary's Convention Catharsis

Now that Hillary Clinton's name will be placed into nomination at the Democratic National Convention, heads up everyone: Maureen Dowd's next over-the-top, anti-Hillary column is coming.

Dowd is the op-ed columnist for the New York Times that Slate calls "the driver, navigator, and chief mechanic on the Hillary Hate Bus."

Does that seem harsh? Earlier this summer when Hillary Clinton supporters asked the Democratic National Convention of Women to address the "pervasive gender bias in the media" exposed during the primaries, Dowd called the request an attempt to "enshrine a whine."

Huffington Post's Adele Stan counter-punched, calling Dowd's comment "another bad moment for women."

How are the voters reacting to the news of a traditional roll call for Clinton in Denver?

"She and her supporters worked hard to earn this," Bill Herron told OffTheBus. "The endless primary process is way too long, way too tough on the candidates and their families, and way too expensive. The Republicans have a much better model."

Hillary Clinton herself suggested such a move would be cathartic for delegates, a necessary emotional rush and release that would bring the party together.

Blogger "parisblues" told OffTheBus that HRC seems determined to make herself into the Ralph Nader of 2008. Blogger "PumaAnn" says no, the floor vote is simply a way to give Clinton delegates the satisfaction of voting for Clinton, which is why they became her delegates in the first place.

Blogger "starfire426" says they should throw Clinton's name into nomination at both conventions and see which Party will choose her as their nominee. If neither, then Hill and Bill need to slink away and start their own kingdom.

What will the feisty Ms. Dowd say about this in her next breathless column? Stay tuned...