13 Gifts For The Moira Rose Lover In Your Life

Nothing says "happy holidays, bébé!" like a nod to the beloved "Schitt's Creek" matriarch.

If the cast and crew of “Schitt’s Creek” had “accolades” and “recognition” on their 2020 wishlists, they certainly got what they hoped for. The show swept the Emmys in September, and loyal fans are still celebrating them.

Anyone who watched (or rewatched) the beloved sitcom during quarantine likely has their own opinions about who the best character is.

But unless they picked Moira, their opinions are wrong.

Just kidding ― we’re equal opportunity “Schitt’s” enthusiasts. But for the people in your life who are partial to Moira, we’ve found 13 perfect gifts. They’re all best served with a glass of Herb Ertlinger’s fruit wine, of course.

Below, find all you need to have happy holidays, a Moira Christmas and a happy new year.

A glass fit for your best fruit wines
Not a hat Moira would wear, but a hat nonetheless
A pair of glasses big enough to ward off small talk with neighbors
An over-the-door wig organizer
Design Public
Something to "fold in the cheese" with
Or a more on-the-nose option
A subtle nod to "Crows"
These crows don't have eyes -- but they would look nice above a couch. Get the Audubon raven and crow print set from Etsy for $24.
A who's who of "Schitt's Creek"
Because like Moira, you can't possibly be expected to remember everyone's name all the time. Get the Schitt's Creek Guess Who game from Etsy for $9.99.
Something for the bébé
A perfect prayer candle
Come on, we all bow at the altar of Moira Rose. Get the Moira Rose epic prayer candle from Etsy for $12.