Dan Levy Of 'Schitt's Creek' Sees Series As 'Rare' Win For Queer Representation

The actor jokingly told Ellen DeGeneres she should be making money off the show because she helped pave the way for it.

“Schitt’s Creek” star and co-creator Dan Levy doesn’t take the opportunity to play the fashion-conscious David Rose ― who identifies as pansexual ― for granted.

The Canadian actor and writer dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday to chat about the beloved comedy, now filming its sixth (and final) season. He said he sees the show as a “rare and wonderful” opportunity to showcase an LGBTQ-inclusive story for a mainstream audience.

He credited DeGeneres for helping pave the way for the series, as well as other queer-inclusive entertainment, with her groundbreaking-for-its-time decision to come out in a 1997 episode of her ABC sitcom, “Ellen.”

“For me to be able to tell a queer love story on television freely ... is a rare and wonderful thing,” Levy said. “I would not be telling the stories that I’m telling had you not told the stories that you told.”

When DeGeneres joked that she should be formally credited for “Schitt’s Creek,” Levy replied, “You will be getting residuals.”

The show’s production schedule leaves minimal room for downtime, and Levy said he has had to find new ways to de-stress. He told DeGeneres he’d recently become a big proponent of taking long baths ― even if he had a thing or two to learn when it came to epsom salts, as he reveals in the video above.

The actor ― who is the son of “Waiting For Guffman” and “American Pie” star Eugene Levy, with whom he created “Schitt’s Creek” ― also recalled appearing alongside his dad in the 2018 edition of People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue.

The dated photo used in the magazine, however, prompted the elder Levy to get a “Schitt’s Creek” makeover. The new look means father and son now have very similar hairstyles, which they’ve decided isn’t a major issue.

“He can take my haircut ― that’s fine,” the actor said. “We’ll share it.”