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First Impressions Of The New 'Schitt's Creek' Season On Netflix

It's back.
Annie Murphy and Daniel Levy in "Schitt's Creek" on Netflix.
Annie Murphy and Daniel Levy in "Schitt's Creek" on Netflix.

Netflix recently added the latest season of “Schitt’s Creek” to the streaming service. This fifth season earned various Emmy nominations after it aired on Pop TV earlier in 2019, but since most viewers seem to wait until the show comes to Netflix, many fans will just now get a chance to watch these new episodes.

The season begins with most of the main cast gathered in the renamed Rosebud motel as Moira calls from the set of “The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening.” After Johnny proves his ineptitude with technology and takes forever to answer Moira’s call and put her on speaker, the family has an endearingly insult-heavy conversation. Moira may be far away and the motel may have a new name, but this is still the same, lovable “Schitt’s Creek.”

As fans of the show, HuffPost Senior Editor Kate Auletta and I decided to have a Slack conversation about our first impressions of the new season. We watched the first episode and reported our favorite moments to each other. Read on for our brief conversation. You can also watch a recap of the first few seasons and a trailer for this fifth season below.

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Recap of the first four seasons:

Season 5 trailer:

First impressions:

Kate: There are very few shows that make me giggle like “Schitt’s Creek” (others that make me giggle: “I’m Sorry” and the first few seasons of “Modern Family). Like, I was laughing, not in a spit-out-your-water way but a subtle giggle for the entire show.

Todd: Yeah, there are few shows that pull off the almost-every-line-is-a-joke sort of style. Watching the Season 2 finale of “Succession” this weekend as well, I realized both shows go for the constant jokes by having the characters fling insults at each other. But while “Succession” does it with extreme cruelty, it’s more ― sweet ― when David says like, “Eat glass,” to his sister Alexis. It’s hard not to be in a happy mood while watching “Schitt’s Creek”

Kate: Exactly. Moira is as good as ever ― her as that crow was so weird and delightful.

Todd: I loved that plotline. Her new work on “The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening” is perfect for her, as she gets to still be out-of-touch and overconfident, but also looks like she’s going to be able to show true talent as well. I’m excited to see a character maybe get unstuck from this town a little bit, especially as the series is wrapping up with just one more season.

Most memorable line:

Todd: I really love when Moira makes obscure references that also seem kind of sad. So I wrote down her response to the “Crowening” director mentioning Bora Bora and she says, “I see, Bora Bora. Caroline Kennedy once called it the Atlantic City of French Polynesia.” There’s a lot to unpack in that line, haha.

Kate: Yes, that was a good one. This sums up everything in my life right now (although Dan Levy is younger than me): “David, you’re basically 40 years old, I shouldn’t be able to make you feel bad about anything.”

Todd: Ooooh yeah, that line was about him getting scared on the tightrope walk, right? I like how they made him do something scary there (with walking on a high wire) to make him also open about his fears about his relationship

What are you looking forward to this season:

Kate: Alexis and the vet’s relationship seems really shaky, but in a way that will likely make for some comedic moments and some “real” moments.” I also have a suspicion that the “robber” was actually Patrick. I can’t wait for more Moira-as-the-crow!

Todd: Ooh yeah, I’m also looking forward to Moira-as-the-crow haha. I’m really excited to see a character get out of “Schitt’s Creek” and — especially in this case — spreadd thoseee wingsss.

Mixing a plotline that’s so silly — having Moira wear a terrible crow costume and yell at crow minions in a campy manner — with a story about her proving real talent, was a plot I found really exciting. That the first episode ends with Moira yelling “Redemption!” might have been a bit on the nose, but having her yell that word in the context of yelling it at dumb-looking CGI crows while she stands in a giant nest made it really work for me.

Kate: Yea, I mean they had to have made a lot of money to be able to fall that far from grace, so clearly she’s a convincing-enough actress. I just loved that the director was like, ‘Oh wait, maybe she isn’t wrong...’

Todd: Absolutely. Just like the basic premise of the series ― she can excel and make a bad situation work.

This conversation has been slightly edited for clarity, but the loose grammar of an online conversation has been maintained for authenticity.