Schmalkalden Sinkhole Swallows Garage In Germany (VIDEO)

Residents in the eastern German town of Schmalkalden got a fright when they heard what sounded like a loud roar in the wee hours of Monday morning. As the sun began to emerge, a giant sinkhole -- measuring more than 130 feet wide and 65 feet deep -- was revealed, according to the Associated Press.

The giant crater, which was said to have formed at about 3 a.m. Monday, sucked in part of a resident's garage and claimed one automobile. No injuries were reported, but some 25 people have been evacuated. Another automobile appears to be teetering at its edge.

Officials aren't clear on what formed the crater, but confirm natural causes were responsible. They now plan to fill it with gravel.

See aerial views of the Schmalkalden crater in the video below: