School Announces Snow Day With Emotional 'Hello' Parody

"I'm sorry, students, if it breaks your heart."

One year after his "Let It Go" snow day announcement went viral, a Rhode Island school administrator is canceling classes with another amazing parody.

Moses Brown School Head Matt Glendinning announced a snow day on Feb. 5 by channeling none other than Adele. His "Hello" parody gives the iconic sepia-toned video a snowy twist.

The new version of the song includes lyrics like, "Don't forget to bundle because it's winter time," "I'm sorry, students, if it breaks your heart" and "You know it snowed a lot last night. And now it's just not safe to drive. So it's too late, school is closed for today."

This video is the latest in a seemingly unending series of "Hello" parodies. It seems the song is applicable to just about anything.

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