School Celebrates Crossing Guard Who's Served Same Corner For 50 Years

Janet Haines, 91, said she most enjoys the "pleasant work environment."
04/04/2017 01:57pm ET
St. James Catholic School
Janet Haines recently celebrated 50 years of service as a crossing guard in Falls Church, Virginia.

On March 29, 1967, Janet Haines began her duties as a crossing guard in Falls Church, Virginia. Fifty years later, she’s still helping pedestrians on the same corner.

Haines, 91, told The Huffington Post she loves the “pleasant work environment” on her corner ― the intersection of Broad and Spring Streets near St. James Catholic School. Along the way, she’s met a handful of students whose parents also attended the school and knew her.

“I’ve had a few over the years that come back and introduce themselves,” she told HuffPost.

St James Catholic School
Haines said she enjoys the "pleasant work environment."

Sister Mary Sue Carwile, the principal at St. James Catholic School, described Haines as a “pleasant, sweet woman.”

“She always has a smile for everybody,” she told HuffPost. “She’s very calm, just focused on her job, but always aware of what’s going on and who needs a little extra attention that day.”

Wednesday marked Haines’ 50-year work anniversary as a crossing guard, and the school surprised her with a celebration of her service. At an assembly, the student body, the school’s staff, the mayor, some police officials and her family expressed their appreciation for Haines. She also received cards and gifts.

St James Catholic School
St. James Catholic School, which is near Haines' corner, surprised her with an assembly. Many people thanked her for her hard work.

Carwile said students at her school adore Haines and always look for her at her post. She made it clear that for five decades, the 91-year-old has made a significant impact on the school.

“I always call her our ambassador to the world of kindness and care,” Carwile said.

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