Photo Of Over 100 Students Lining Up For Rockstar Custodian's Yearbook Signature Goes Viral

Shepard Custodian Steve "Mr. Steve" Weidner has reached Rock Star status as he autographs yearbooks for his "fans"!

Posted by Bourbonnais Elementary School District #53 on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A group of awesome elementary school students have designated their school custodian as an official local celebrity.

More than 100 second-grade students at Alan Shepard Elementary School in Bourbonnais, Illinois, lined up on June 2 to have their yearbook autographed by Steve Weidner, their school custodian, WGN-TV reported. The image of students waiting for a signature from Weidner has since gone viral.

“He goes above and beyond,” Principal Shirley Padera said to the news channel about Weidner. “He’s loved by all the students and the teachers. He’s great!”

Weidner has been a custodian at the elementary school for 15 years, ABC News reported, and is known among student body known as “Mr. Steve.” "I get along great with the kids," Weidner told the news outlet. "They are really great. We joke around a bunch and they're able to talk to me and stuff like that."

It was just a normal day on June 2 when Weidner walked past the playground towards the school building. But when a group of second graders spotted Weidner, they began gathering with their yearbooks, asking for his autograph. "You get one, you get all of them,” Weidner told ABC News. “Once they got a line I sat down."

According to WGN-TV, half of the 104 students in the school’s second grade class are pictured in the photo waiting in line for Weidner’s signature -- the other half had their yearbooks signed before the photo was taken. After the school district shared the image on their Facebook page on June 3, the picture was uploaded to Reddit two days later. As of Thursday, it has received over 3 million views.

Weidner told ABC News he will continue to sign as many yearbooks as possible for however long he remains a custodian at the school.



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