School District Cheekily Responds To Students' Snow Day Requests

And the kids seem to love it.

A school district in Georgia is keeping it real on Twitter while responding to students who just want a snow day.

Students of Cherokee County schools have been tweeting at the district’s verified Twitter account expressing how much they want a snow day and even offering a few funny bribes. The district doesn’t care how much the students beg though, and its responses are comedic gold.

As of Tuesday, the school district’s Twitter account has more than 17,000 followers and has been covered by both local and national news. Whoever is behind it seems to enjoy being snarky not just toward the students, but parents, too. Cherokee County schools closed Monday and Tuesday because of icy road conditions, and some parents humorously complained that they needed the kids out of the house. Of course, the district had some perfect responses.

Don’t worry though. The district has made it clear it truly cares about its students (just as much as it loves school).


See more funny tweets from Cherokee County schools below.

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