Famous School House From 'The Birds' Is Actually A Haunted Home (PHOTOS)

Iconic Scary Movie Home Turns Out To Be Haunted For Real

It's safe to say some of the scariest scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" took place at the Potter School House in California. But we bet you didn't know that ever since 1963, this once abandoned spot has mostly remained a private residence.

Our friends at California Home & Design explored the house, which now belongs to Leah Taylor. When Taylor's parents purchased the school house, the windows were boarded, there wasn't a staircase, holes were in the roof and naturally, there was a piano covered in bird droppings. But perhaps the most unusual experience was when one morning Taylor and her family heard, but could not see, someone screaming "it's Sunday morning!"

And while the home has been fixed up to be completely habitable, the paranormal situations haven't stopped. “Sometimes there is the very clear sound of party noises, a cacophony of people talking at once,” Taylor said. “Other times, there are the sounds of children laughing, or footsteps.”


Scroll through the photos below to see this historic place, and be sure to head over to California Home & Design for more information.





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