School In China Teaches Women How To Marry Rich

Lesson one in this school: How to marry a billionaire.

Beijing's Moral Education Centre for Women is offering 30 hours of classes for 20,000 RMB (or about $3,080) that teaches women how to marry rich.

Lessons include best practices in make-up application and interpreting facial expressions to determine if the man across from you is a liar. The school also offers classes on different varieties of tea.

Marrying rich has become "the goal for many of China's Cinderellas," according to Beijing Today.

The school has seen large enrollments since it opened last August, attracting more than 2,800 middle class women so far. China boasts 189 billionaires and is just short of 1 million millionaires, Reuters reports.

Wealthy eligible bachelors have approached the school in search of soulmates, and can spend up to 30,000 yuan as an introductory fee.

In the past few months, the school says it has successfully matched 30 couples that resulted in marriage.