School Mascot Proposal: Boyfriend's Surprise Engagement To Teacher In Rochester, Mich. (VIDEO)

A suburban Detroit art teacher got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend engineered an adorable marriage proposal during a school assembly.

Brooklands Elementary in Rochester Hills, Mich. holds an assembly on anti-bullying lessons for students every Friday morning. First-year teacher Jessie Drew, 26, would often return home to the house she shared with long-term boyfriend Barron Cline, 24, and share how excited her students became during the weekly meetings.

In particular, the Brooklands Elementary kids loved the appearances by the Brooklands Elementary mascot, who wears a cuddly bear costume.

Those assemblies sparked an out-of-the-box engagement idea for Cline, who has dated Drew for six years and doesn't teach at the elementary school.

Principal Teresa Simonetti, who was in on the secret, asked Drew to remove the mascot's costume head in front of the entire school. The bear made it all easier by bending down on one knee.

With mood music playing and a diamond ring in paw, a costume-clad Cline asks for his girlfriend's hand in marriage.

And, adorably, a chorus of a few hundred elementary school students give their hearty approval!

Hat tip to Rochester Patch.

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