9 School Spirit Days That REALLY Make Us Uncomfortable

Remember the days when wearing a jersey or going to a school pep rally was an adequate way of showing school spirit?

Those days are over, and now students are asked to dress up in a multitude of ways to show spirit.

We have compiled a list of the strangest school dress-up days -- from the offensive, to the silly, to the downright bizarre -- taking place across the country. We’re just glad these did not exist when we were students.

Redneck Day
Last year, Redneck Day at Queen Creek High School in Arizona got out of control when a student showed up wearing a Confederate flag. The U.S. Department of Education announced plans to investigate the incident in July after civil rights activists said it created a racially hostile environment.
Multiplicity Day
Remember the good ol' days when Twin Day did the trick in terms of showing school spirit? Not anymore -- now, with Multiplicity Day, students are supposed to dress the same as several other students.
Flotation Device Day
Flotation Device Day: a chance for students at schools to wear life jackets and inflatable toys to school, just like every child has always wanted, right? Our only question is, how can a child possibly sit still and learn with so many floaties on?
Cripple The Indians Day
Mulvane High School in Kansas came under fire last year when it held a "Cripple the Indians Day" during homecoming week. The high school football team was set to play the Andale Indians that week, and students were instructed to dress up as someone elderly or injured. While some found the dress-up day insensitive, apparently this type of dress up day is not rare, and schools all across the country participate in fake-injury days.
Bamma Day
According to UrbanDictionary.com, "bamma" is a term used in the D.C. metro area to describe "person who has no style, taste, or class." @VinTesta tweeted us that his school has Bamma Day and sent us this picture.
Bro v. Hipster Day
Cleveland High School in Oregon caused controversy after holding a Bro v. Hipster Day as part of spirit week. Some objected to the school's usage of the word "bro," saying that it was a racially insensitive term. But, alas, versions of bro dress-day actually takes place in schools across the country.
Seniores And Senoritas Day
You'd think schools would realize that asking kids to dress up like representations of an ethnic group could veer into potentially offensive territory. When Canyon High School held Seniores And Senoritas Day, some students dressed up as gang members, gardeners and border patrol agents. The incident was later investigated by the district.
"Duck Dynasty" Day
Duck Dynasty Day winners 2013a
Schoolsacross the country apparently think that dressing up like characters from A&E’s popular reality show, "Duck Dynasty," is a great way of showing school spirit. We don't see the connection, but it looks like this school made it work.
Mustache Day
Hundreds of children sitting at desks, running around, or walking down hallways with fake, oversized facial hair: Creepy or cute? You be the judge. At least some schools hold Mustache Day as a means to raise money for charity.

Does your school have strange dress-up days? Let us know in the comments section.

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