School Subjects That Need To Make A Comeback

Do you remember practicing your cursive writing on dotted and lined pieces of paper in elementary school? It's becoming a relic of the past, up there with chalkboards and "See Spot Run" for today's children. More than 45 states are moving toward eliminating cursive writing from their elementary curriculums by 2014, instead focusing on making sure kids have basic keyboarding skills by the time they leave elementary school, USA Today reported. The average time spent on handwriting in schools has dwindled down to 15 minutes from 30.

Some states are advocating for a return to caring about penmanship; an Indiana senator is trying to get cursive writing back in school's curriculum for a second time after her first attempt floundered in the House.

"I see no reason to learn cursive," wrote Huff/Post50 Facebook fan Jamie Wieloch Greco. "Whether we like it or not, it is outdated and the time allotted to it can be spent teaching more necessary skills.

And just what should those skills be? We asked our readers what subjects needed to make a return to the classroom, and the answers came pouring in. Do you agree with their choices? Let us know what you think needs to make a comeback in schools in the comments below.



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