Meet Bob Dorough, The Musical Master Behind Your Favorite 'Schoolhouse Rock' Classics

He was also an accomplished musician and producer who worked with Miles Davis.

School is back in session across the country, and that means it’s time for some “Schoolhouse Rock.”

Many of the classic tunes that helped kids remember the basics of government and grammar ― “cuz knowledge is power!” ― were written by Bob Dorough. 

Dorough, 92, sat with Great Big Story earlier this year to talk about the beloved television series, and his role in creating some of its most memorable tunes, such as “Conjunction Junction.” 

Along with writing the music and lyrics, Dorough performed many of the songs: 

Long before “Schoolhouse Rock” became a hit in the 1970s, Dorough was an accomplished performer, songwriter, musician and producer. He even worked with jazz greats, like Miles Davis

“Deep down, he was a sweetheart,” Dorough said of the famously ornery legend. 

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Back To School, 70s Style