Revamped Schoolhouse Rock! Reveals The Ugly Truth About Money In Politics

Bask in the nostalgia of your school government classes.

Remember that “Schoolhouse Rock!” video that taught you how a bill becomes a law back in the day? Well, that catchy tune left out a huge part of the political process: the influence that dollar bills can have on legislation. 

Since we were never presented with a cartoon breaking down money’s political sway, this episode of “We The Voters” takes care of that void with a song. 

So bask in the nostalgia of your school government classes with the video above and learn out how you can play a role in leveling the political playing field.

The above video is part of We the Voters, a groundbreaking social impact campaign designed to inspire and activate millions of young Americans through 20 viral films hosted by actors and influencers. The project incorporates real characters, dynamic storylines and celebrity influencers to demystify how the government and elections work and motivate Americans to seize their power by voting in the 2016 elections. For more information, and to see the rest of the films, visit We the Voters.com.



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