Schools for Sustainability Inc. Praises Stanley and the Green Technology Team

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Stanley Dorsainville. His captivating personal journey and commitment to human rights have driven him to accomplish quite astounding feats before the age of 26. His professional experiences have run the gamut from human rights advocacy, to providing congressional aid, to serving as a mentor for a high school junior varsity football team. We are extremely thankful that he has dedicated his time and energy to developing and managing one of Schools for Sustainability Inc.'s most fundamental departments, the Green Technology Department.

Stanley Dorsainville, Green Technology Team Lead

Dorsainville has devoted his life to the greater good of humanity. In 2012 Dorsainville's commitment to service flourished when he volunteered in case management with the International Rescue Committee. He worked tirelessly to help refugees establish life in the United States through coordinating refugee aid programs, food assistance, social security, and government health insurance.

In one particular instance, Dorsainville worked with an Iraqi family in which both parents were deaf. The couple had a mute son, and was expecting a baby. Two days after welcoming their newborn, the father discovered bed bugs in their apartment. Dorsainsville selflessly traveled to the apartment and spent the entire day cleaning with the family. After this experience, Dorsainville truly felt confident in his ability to effectively serve others in times of need.

In fall 2013, Dorsainville moved to London to receive his Master's in Human Rights and International Politics at City University. Combining his dedication to service and education, he will be starting an AmeriCorps VISTA program with the School of Engineering at Columbia University. The program encourages high school students to become involved in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects.

Photo from Left to Right - David Bafumi, Grant Writing Team Lead; Jacquelyn Crutchely, COO; Stanley Dorsainville, Green Technology Team Lead; and Alyssa Ramos-Reynoso, CEO

Dorsainville became a member of Schools for Sustainability Inc. due to his deeply seated desire to address both global warming, and gender inequality. Schools for Sustainability Inc. jointly addresses both missions.

One major function of the Green Technology Team, is to research technology innovations to integrate into the curriculum. The department is looking to instill Green Technology into all areas of the curriculum in order to teach students that sustainability is a critical component of daily life. For instance, green technology terminology will be infused into language arts classes, and mechanical equations will be taught in math courses.

Through hands-on experience, Schools for Sustainability Inc. aims to empower students by providing them with the tools to understand and operate sustainable systems, such as anaerobic digesters, aquaponic units and solar panels. The goal is to provide a strong foundational skill set which can be built upon. The Green Technology Department aims to teach students about existing green technologies, while encouraging them to imagine new inventions and opportunities. By researching technologies that can be easily adapted across various environments, the team aims to teach students that green technology is both accessible and versatile.

A second major function of the Green Technology Department is to investigate the materials and structures for constructing each school. Keeping infrastructure and resource limitations in mind, the department focuses on integrating technologies that are simple to implement and can operate on natural resources and accessible materials.

For example, In March of 2015, Schools for Sustainability Inc. led a trip to the Dominican Republic to build an aquaponics unit. The Green Technology Department researched the most appropriate materials to use, and how to transport them. The team also learned which types of fish and indigenous plants could be used. The team communicated cross-culturally with the land keeper in the Dominican Republic to determine what resources were present and how to build upon the existing infrastructure.


Arcadia University students building an aquaponic unit in Monte Plata, Dominican Republic

Dorsainville commends the talent of his team. A quick, resourceful, and knowledgeable group, the members of the Green Technology Department possess great curiosity and commitment. With training in science, engineering, and environmental studies, the team is a cohesive unit, brimming with intelligence and enthusiasm. Dorsainville states, "by enabling our imaginations to run wild and achieving balance with concentration, we are able to be both creative and focused in our approach. Our work will adapt over time, and the Green Technology Department will remain a sustainable living force within Schools for Sustainability Inc.."

This blog post was written by Administrator Team Lead, Kimberly Weller. Kimmy earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Delaware and her Masters of Science in Public Health and Certificate of Environmental Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School. Kimmy is thrilled to support education and the environment through Schools for Sustainability Inc.

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