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School's Out, But Learning Is Still IN!

There are some great opportunities for kids to have fun in the sun this summer, all while keeping their minds active and ready for the school year ahead.
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Kids are natural-born explorers, whether it's in the backyard or the great outdoors. Nancy B's Science Club is a complete line of toys that lets kids get a closer look at the world around them. Best of all, all of the toys feature this brilliant blue and purple color palette, which makes it inviting for little girls, without necessarily being gender exclusive. One of my favorite toys is the AquaScope, which is an underwater telescope that has 5x magnification, letting girls check out the tiniest sea creatures like krill, plankton, and even algae. It also includes an 18-page journal full of activities to reinforce what kids observe.


Not every summer day is beautiful, so make sure to have some things on hand to keep kids engaged in educational play even when they are stuck inside. We are living in a digital world mapped out by strings of code, and kids can learn exactly how to create code and learn how electronics function with LightUp. LightUp combines magnetic, snap-together circuit building blocks with an iPad app that teaches the basics of coding with wireless drag-and-drop programming and a friendly tutor. Kids can create a music box that plays their favorite songs, a tea timer, games like Simon or Whack-a-mole or even an alarm clock. The opportunities are endless with this kit, which is perfect for budding engineers.


All of these toys and activities are great for keeping minds active during these hot summer months, but don't forget, kids are always learning through play, no matter what toys are in those little hands. From spacial reasoning to social and emotional growth, toys are often smarter than they look, so be sure to keep the toy box full this summer and encourage your kids to do what they do best -- get outside and play!