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Schweddy Balls Ice Cream: Taste-Testing The Newest Ben & Jerry's Flavor


Ice cream and SNL enthusiasts were atwitter yesterday with the news that Ben & Jerry's was releasing Schweddy Balls ice cream. HuffPost Food just couldn't resist those schweddy balls, so we got our hands on a pint (okay, four actually). The flavor is a vanilla base with two kinds of balls: chocolate covered rum balls and chocolate covered milk balls.

Molly Shannon may have told Pete Schweddy that he had some beautiful balls, but our taste testers were decidedly more mixed:

  • "Disappointed for all the hype."
  • "Disappointing. Essentially just vanilla ice cream with some Whoppers in it. Not the flavor explosion I would expect out of Schweddy Balls."
  • "Good vanilla ice cream, as is standard from Ben & Jerry, but I didn't think there were enough balls in the ice cream. Even when you open the carton, you can see, like, a single ball, and that's it."
  • "The quality of the malt balls itself is pretty great -- they're crunchy and contrast nicely with the ice cream. Schweddy Balls suffers from the unfortunate problem of un-ballsyness. There just aren't enough balls to go around. Sad.
  • "The flavor isn't nearly as exciting as the name. Not nearly as rummy as I expected, and the texture of the balls was a little on the soft side."
  • "The ice cream itself is nice and vanilla-beany, but no hint of rum as described. Not enough balls for an ice cream whose main selling point is ballage, but the rum ball I tried was nice and rummy."
  • "Not enough balls! And the freezing of a malt ball is sort of a weird texture."
  • "It would be better if there were more balls."

Final grade: C. Sadly, maybe we can resist those Schweddy Balls after all.

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