Schweeb: Is The Human-Powered Monorail The Transportation Of The Future? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Schweeb, the world's only human powered monorail, is a futuristic attempt at eco-friendly transportation. These pedal powered pods resemble a recumbent bicycle but ride much more rapidly and require only fifty percent of the energy necessary to power a racing bicycle. The Schweeb is currently only used as a racing vehicle at the Schweeb campus in New Zealand. But get your pedals into gear because the Schweeb could be migrating to a city near you soon.

Treehugger quotes Schweeb inventor Geoffrey Barnett:

The result is the most efficient vehicle on earth, the most inexpensive infrastructure of any proposed urban transit and one of the highest capacity systems available - potentially delivering thousand's of people per hour in a very small airspace. All this with zero carbon emissions and no parking worries or cost!

Watch this profile of the Schweeb.