Researchers Examine Gay Dudes And Their Love Of Muscles

And a few of the other LGBT wellness stories you should know about this week.

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How Do You Feel About Your Nether Regions?

A new study found that regardless of sexual orientation, people who either feel good about their genitals look or are not self-conscious about them are more likely to have good sexual self-esteem and feel sexually attractive.

The CRUSH Campaign Is Crushing It On Reducing Smoking

Want to prevent smoking? Try rebranding. Researchers studied the CRUSH campaign, a Las Vegas campaign promoting “partying fresh and smoke-free,” and found that it reduced smoking by up to 37-48 percent when people got the message.

Good Support Can Prevent Depression Among Lesbian Moms

Researchers recently found the stress experienced by lesbian mothers can lead to depression because they are in the minority -- but that having a good support network can prevent this depression. Maybe it’s time to call that friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

Cervical Cancer Screening Not Easy for Bi, Lesbian Women and Trans Men

Getting a cervical cancer screening can be rough going for queer women and trans men, a new study found. Two of the biggest things stopping screening was believing you were at low risk and health care providers being hostile. Trans men also felt uncomfortable getting a test meant for a different gender.

Why Trans People Mostly Aren’t Included in Research Studies

We know research is important because it creates facts and findings that can be used to advocate for big changes. But trans people are often left out. Why? New research (ironic) found that, as a group, researchers still are a bit behind when it comes to trans folks. The biggest problems: not agreeing on the right words, not having common definitions of who trans people are, or agreement about what research strategies and techniques to use.

Science: Gay Dudes Like Muscly Hunks

Yeah, this is real: researchers recently counted and analyzed the photos and comments posted on, a blog mostly for gay men. The overwhelming majority of pics and comments celebrated hunky, muscly men with basically zero body fat. The downside: not critiquing these images might be reinforcing an unhealthy body image among blog visitors.

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